Corporate Partnerships

The Cayman Arts Trust programmes have been designed throughout with the overriding focus on community integration and development.

We are inviting our corporate partners to integrate their employees into our programs to experience first-hand the wonder of music and the arts by working with children across the Cayman Islands within the school environment. Learning an instrument is good for your brain, body and soul. Students who learn an instrument in their school years develop self-esteem and critical thinking skills. It also teaches discipline, achievement and is a huge stress reliever. Above all it builds confidence and breaks down the fear of failure. These are all key attributes employers are seeking.

Our valued partner’s employees can participate in our Trust programs by sharing their education and workplace experience to assist our students in staging small productions. Through these partnership Opportunities your employees will help develop key employability skills via programs established within the partner workplace and local schools. Together we will work to instill in our youth the qualities our corporate partners exhibit and require in their everyday work to produce sustainable and profitable practices.