Janine Stabler

Janine (pianist/violinist) originates from Cardiff, Wales and from an early age was involved in local theatre productions, county choir and orchestra. These ensembles gave her the opportunity to travel and perform in many of the most famous venues throughout the UK and Europe. Janine spent her college years at Cardiff University where she received her Bachelor of Music degree. Janine went on to study for her Bachelor of Education degree graduating with first-class honours. Having begun her early teaching years in a secondary school in the UK, Janine travelled to Australia and taught music at the prestigious PenRhos College in Perth. In 1998 she moved to Cayman to teach at Cayman Prep & High School developing and resourcing its fledgling music programme. Janine’s first daughter was born in 2000 and in 2001 she founded Opus Music (now Musicians Ltd) which provided instrumental lessons for students both at school and after school hours. After the birth of her second daughter in 2002 she became a busy working mum and realised the need for additional staff to meet the demands for instrumental tuition on island. Her third daughter (born in 2010) arrived just as the music school was expanding in the area of performing arts. It has since gone from strength to strength and has enabled many students to experience the stage both locally and abroad. Musicians Ltd now offers instrumental lessons at many of the local schools during the school day, along with after school lessons at our state of the art instrumental studio. In 2012 Musicians Ltd set up a scholarship program which assists those in need financially and to date has enabled over 50 students to receive free of charge instrumental and performing arts lessons at the school. With the launch of the Cayman Arts Trust, Janine’s vision is to identify talent, to ensure quality music instruction with the implementation of a new Government primary program and to expand the number of scholarships and bursaries offered to local students in Cayman.
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Richard Adams

Richard Grizz Adams has planned and delivered many of the Cayman Islands biggest sporting events during the past seventeen years. Richard was instrumental in building the youth rugby program for the Cayman Rugby Union and has a great deal of experience in fostering partnerships with business leaders in order to facilitate the development of the youth of the Cayman Islands. He also secured partnerships with top overseas universities in order to provide advanced study and scholarship opportunities for the many talented students in Cayman. Richards work in coaching sport instills leadership, fair play hard work, critical thinking and discipline – key elements that Cayman Arts Trust is also seeking to nurture in our young people.

In recent years Richard works as a business consultant helping small businesses grow and deliver on their goals and aspirations. Cayman Arts Trust is delighted to be able to utilise his experience and skills to help build this innovative community program.
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